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18-19 September 2003: International Lawyers meet in Edinburgh to discuss Intellectual Property

The European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA) in conjunction with the In-House Lawyers Group of the Law Society of Scotland, will hold it`s annual conference in Edinburgh on 18-19 September 2003. The conference will bring together solicitors from all over Europe to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ECLA with what is billed as an interesting, informative and first-class event.-----The conference will focus on intellectual property issues, converging on the theme "IP Rights as a Business & Legal Tool". As a critical issue for the legal and business community alike, this year`s ECLA conference looks set to provide an excellent platform for discussion amongst solicitors, academics, authors and business leaders from the UK and a variety of European countries such as Denmark, France and the Czech Republic.-----Organisers of the conference are excited about early interest in the two-day event and are expecting more than 200 delegates to attend. A major drawcard is the innovative programme, which features leading international Intellectual Property specialists discussing ownership, management and control of IP rights Ä issues affecting legal and business practices internationally.-----Law Society of Scotland President, Joe Platt, said: "I am delighted that Edinburgh has the opportunity to host the ECLA conference this year, particularly when the programme is focussed on such a topical issue as Intellectual Property. IP is at the core of many businesses success or failure. In-house solicitors across Europe are dealing with these crucial issues and assisting in making vital business decisions. Protecting ideas and inventions is a vital component of any business in the 21st century, and really brings to the fore the importance of in-house legal expertise."-----Conference speakers include John Olsen from Field Fisher Waterhouse in London, who will discuss The Boundaries of Trade Mark Protection in the European Union. In addition, representatives from the Scottish legal community include academics Professor Hector McQueen and Charlotte Waelde from the AHRB Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh. They will be delivering a paper on the Impact of New Copyright Directive on Industry and the Levies Debate.-----Derek Benton from Martindale-Hubbell will be hosting a state-of-the-art interactive polling session on Key Issues for European In-House Lawyers, as part of a major study of senior in-house counsel in Europe. The technology will allow delegates to vote using a keypad attached to their seat with answers collated and displayed instantaneously.-----The conference will be complemented by an exciting and varied social programme which will give European delegates the opportunity to see the charms of the capital.
For further information or a registration form, please contact the ECLA conference information hotline 0131 476 8182 or log on to

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